3rd Batch of PATTS Interns Off to Beijing

(From L to R:  Glenn Adrian V. Reyes, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Emelita I. Javier and Nichole John A. Dela Cruz).

The third batch of PATTS Interns flew to Beijing China last April 19, 2015 for six (6) months of training in the Airbus.  After the rigid screening and interviews conducted by PATTS and ABEC (Airbus Beijing Engineering Center) officials respectively, two (2) new engineers were selected for the training at Airbus Beijing. Engineers Nichole John A. Dela Cruz, Glenn Adrian V. Reyes were accompanied by Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Emelita I. Javier. ABEC is a joint venture between Airbus China Limited, Hafei Aviation Industry Company Ltd., Jiangxi Hondu Aviation Industry Co. Ltd and China Aviation Industry Corporation.


This internship opportunity will surely open the doors in the near future to a brighter career for PATTS Aeronautical Engineers, since the Philippines has recently been picked by Toulouse based Airbus as the site of a new training center in the Asia Pacific region.



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