PATTS takes on a new venture: A Strategic Partnership with HEATCON

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        Heatcon, the world leader in composite repair solutions based in Seattle, Washington in the United States, specializes in manufacturing composite repair equipment. It is a top level supplier of repair materials and technical services which also includes composites structure repair training.  With a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and excellence in service, Heatcon enjoys an 85% market share for composite repair equipment with manufacturers, aircraft maintenance facilities and military organizations around the globe, including the Philippines. Heatcon’s mission statement is “Innovating solutions for the advancement of composite repair technology” and to date, has strategic partners in training excellence in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, China and now PATTS College of Aeronautics in the Philippines.


         While Heatcon Composite Systems has been dedicated to training in Composites Repair for the Aerospace Industry in the Philippines for many years and PATTS College of Aeronautics has been the leading institution that provides the most comprehensive aviation education offered in the Aviation Industry, the latter wished to incorporate the science of composites into its curriculum.  In view of this fact, Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez, President and COO of PATTS and Mr. Howard Banaski, CEO of HEATCON began working together several years ago towards a shared goal of creating a strategic partnership for this vital area of within the Aerospace Industry in the Philippines.  This dream is now realized in the partnership between PATTS and HEATCON Composites Inc. in the new Composites Laboratory inside the PATTS College of Aeronautics campus at Lombos Avenue, San Isidro, Parañaque.


         The PATTS Composites Laboratory is unique among all aeronautics schools in the Philippines because it is the only aviation school that has this composite training facility, which is equal to any of the composite workshops found at MRO’s and aircraft repair facilities throughout Asia.  The laboratory contains all of the equipment required to repair composite structures on aircraft,  both fixed wing and rotor. This includes hot bonders, debulking table, downdraft grinding tables, and composite repair tool kits.  Note that, it is also the only facility to have an Autoclave, the famed HEATCON Repair Clave on site.


         With this one-of-a-kind opportunity provided by PATTS College of Aeronautics, the PATTSeans will certainly have the advantage of training in a state of the art Composites Laboratory and be exposed to ‘real-world, real-job’ scenarios in the composites repair field.  As various job opportunities in the aviation world require more specialized skills, graduates of PATTS will be well-positioned to compete in the job market of today, and the future.


         The aerospace industry is ever evolving and airframe maintenance is no longer a "metal and rivets only" arena. Aircraft airframes which used to be metal with some composite structures are now moving towards composites with some metal structures. The new aircrafts are all composite structure-intensive and the need for qualified composite technicians will grow exponentially in the near future. With all these in mind, the PATTS-HEATCON strategic partnership will continue to be in the lead for composite repair training in the Philippines.




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